Bangkitan Industri Yang Muncul Sebagai Dampak Pelaksanaan Yadnya Di Bali

Ni Putu Decy Arwini


Bali island is an island that is well known for its beautiful nature and wonderful  culture. The combination of both culture and nature, makes Bali unavoidable place to visit. The Balinesse culture is greatly influence by Hindu, a religion for most of Balinesse people. The ceremony ang religious activities called as “yadnya” has generated many small industries to fulfill the need for yadnya instrument. The raise of this industries marked by balinesse traditional cake like uli, begina, sirat, matahari, etc. Another industries arising as the result of ceremony and religious activities are tumpeng banten, canang and sampian, plangkiran and wood carving, bokor and keben, and wastra. This industry are generated as impact of yadnya activity in Bali Island especially Hindu’s religion.


Industry, Culture, Religion, Yadnya

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