Acara Bedah Rumah: Reduksi Orientasi Hidup “Menjadi” Ke Hidup “Memiliki”

Ida Bagus Made Satya Wira Dananjaya


Poor or pre-prosperous (henceforth will be called poor for the opposite of the word
rich or prosperous) is clearly not an ideal especially the purpose of life, seeing the shock of
advertisements and electronic cinema that displays thick boundaries between rich-poor certainly
rich more tempting and tantalizing. Fantasy of life Rich men fall in love with poor women apart
from predictable story lines implying a desire for rich is more highlighted on television.
Likewise, the rich who are kind or evil, also against the character of the poor, almost become
decoration on television. Rich character means to have while poor does not have. In short, in
Indonesian television, these two socio-economic identities are always clashed, swiped at the
same time triggering micro commotion. Having various coefficient facilities by laying off
convenience, fame, elite, that is the picture of being rich on television, but it does not mean that
the opponents of the rich are liable or not figures. main. The film Cemara Family, at least can
disturb the established storyline of the confrontation of the rich and the poor. The poor figure
played by Abah and his family gets the most camera shots about the trinkets of his life.
Simplicity is even more to the disadvantages, selling snacks while schooling, a pedicab driver is
a picture of Abah's life and family. The question then is to sell poverty on television? or a
question that requires a more technical answer to how poor can be sold on television?


Home Surgery, Life Orientation, Owning?

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