Agama Hindu Bali Dalam Kontestasi Budaya

Ida Bagus Made Satya Wira Dananjaya


Traditions that have been going on for so long and acknowledged their sacredness,
tradition provides a reference to life with repetitive rhythms, the majesty of harmony,
thus abandoning conflict. Religion gives sacred values to the tradition so that it can gain
reinforcement at the mental level into a socio-mythical space. Whereas modernity have
injects for new ideas, which have an implication of the melting of the state barrier. Modernity
unfolds human consciousness about time which is no longer repetitive but is linear,
no longer sacred but secular where creative progress and alternatives are created. Tradition
and Religion is a mythical-expressive culture that is challenged by progressive-creative
global culture coming through tourism. The politics of synergy has been carried out
for a positive vision for people’s lives. However, these three factors cannot be reconciled
just like that, cultural contestation becomes a necessity.


tradition, hinduism and cultural contestation

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